Cecil's Plans for the PSC

Zero-Tolerance of Abusive Practices

Cecil understands that Mississippi families need an advocate on the Public Service Commission who will stand up for the rights of every Mississippian. Whether it is enforcing Mississippi's "No Call List" standards or upholding the Mississippi Ratepayer's Bill of Rights, Cecil is prepared to be a voice for your family.

Recently, phone scams preying on Mississippi's most vulnerable families have reached nearly epidemic proportions. Unidentifiable callers convincing Mississippians to wire money for fraudulent purposes absolutely must stop, and the Public Service Commission is responsible for enforcing laws designed to protect families from these unwanted calls.

The PSC has a duty to protect Mississippi families, and Cecil is ready to fight for you.

The PSC's responsibility to protect Mississippi families extends beyond unwanted, fraudulent phone calls. Many people don't know that the PSC has a "Ratepayer's Bill of Rights" to set parameters on the way utility companies can treat families.

The Ratepayer's Bill of Rights protects you from having your heat cut off when it's too cold outside, from having your services disconnected without proper notice, and from discontinued services when your family relies on utilities for medical purposes.

And when utility companies violate these rights? You need a fighter like Cecil in your corner.

You need someone who will keep the public in public service and remember why he's on the PSC: to stand up for fair rates for working families, to guarantee dependable and affordable utilities, to thoroughly investigate allegations of wrongdoing and, most importantly, to stand up for your family's best interests.

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