About the Public Service Commission

Cecil's Plans for the Public Service Commission

Cecil Brown

Focus on excellent service
Cecil will fight for dependable and affordable electric, gas, water and sewer, and telephone services throughout our state.
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Ensure fair rates for the public
Cecil will work to make consumer rates fair and affordable for all utility customers throughout our state.
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Open Mississippi to new ideas for our future
Cecil is excited about Mississippi's move toward solar power and the expansion of broadband telecommunication services. He will support investments by local telephone and utility companies to achieve these goals.
Thorough investigations of wrongdoings
Cecil will press for a complete review of the Kemper Power Plant project and the Mississippi Baseload Act and the implications for future energy projects.
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Reasonable profits for companies
Cecil will balance consumers' desire for the lowest cost with the companies' and cooperatives' need for funds for maintenance, replacement, and expansion of infrastructure.
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Zero-tolerance policy on violations
Cecil will push to enforce the No-Call List and crack down on violators. He will ensure the full enforcement of the Mississippi Ratepayer's Bill of Rights, prompt responses to complaints about service and bills from any utility, and a simple, quick and effective means of resolving complaints.
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