Cecil's Plans for the PSC

Fair and Affordable Utility Rates

As a CPA with more than 40 years of public and private sector experience, Cecil knows what it means to read a balance sheet and make tough business decisions. As a husband and father of four, Cecil also knows what it means to raise a family and maintain a household on a budget.

That's why he is committed to fighting for dependable utilities at fair and affordable rates.

All Mississippi families depend on the same utilities every day: we all need clean running water to prepare meals, dependable Internet and electricity to help our children with homework, and gas to keep our homes warm at night. These are basic needs that every family counts on--and knowing that the lights will come on when we flip the switch shouldn't be a concern for Mississippi families.

That's what the Public Service Commission is here to do--hold utility companies to the standards we have set as a state and guarantee that you can count on the utilities that you pay for each month.

So when Mississippi Power or Entergy Mississippi want to determine what to charge for electricity, they come to the Public Service Commission to approve those rate plans and riders. Do you want someone on the PSC who is looking out for their profits or for your pocketbook?

In the past year, the current PSC has shown that they are willing to put big business interests over Mississippi families by voting for an 18 percent increase in electricity rates to cover the cost of mistakes at the Kemper plant. Does your family budget around $100 per month for electricity? You'll need $118 to cover the cost now, even if you didn't use any additional power.

That's not all--Southern Company says they may need the Public Service Commission to approve additional rate increases in the future that could reach 40 percent! That $100 budget will need to stretch to $140 if they get their way.

I just don't think that's right. I don't think the PSC should bill Mississippi families for Southern Company's mistakes with the Kemper science experiment, and as your Public Service Commissioner, I will never vote for a rate increase to cover the cost of mistakes at Kemper.

While $18-40 may not seem like much to these corporate executives, I know that it means groceries, school supplies and children's shoes for Mississippi families. I understand the narrow margin between the money that comes in and the money that goes out each month, and I will respect those family budgets when I vote on the PSC.

I will hold utility companies accountable to the customers they serve, just as I hope you will hold me accountable to the families I hope to represent.

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