Cecil's Plans for the PSC

Dependable Utilities

One of Cecil's top priorities will be advocating for your family on the PSC. Cecil understands what it takes to manage a family on a budget, and he will stand up for dependable and affordable utilities on the Public Service Commission.

Unfortunately, people across Mississippi have experienced opening a routine, monthly utility bill to see an outrageous total on the bottom line--sometimes as high as a 900% increase on a water bill. If you've ever had this experience, you know that the utility company's position is typically "pay first, resolve later."

Mississippi families can't afford to shell out hundreds in cash first, then get credits from the utility company when the company determines there's an error. They need someone to call who knows the system and know show to find a quick, fair resolution to the problem.

Cecil knows how to resolve those unexplained, excessive utility bills, and he knows what it takes to make sure every bill stays affordable while your utilities stay dependable.

As the PSC allows utility rates to creep higher and higher, thousands of families across Mississippi are watching their budgets disappear before their eyes. Families are finding themselves in "energy poverty," unable to afford basic necessities for their families as the PSC approves rate hikes that eat away at family budgets.

In his professional career, Cecil was a Personal Financial Specialist (PFS), a sub specialty for CPAs. That means he helped clients with their financial planning, including budgeting. Cecil has real life experience with folks trying to make ends meet.

Mississippi families shouldn't be forced to choose between the electricity to run the stove and the food to put on top of it--we can do better than this.

Mississippi needs someone on the PSC who will stand up to the big utility companies and guarantee more transparency in the rate-setting process. When the PSC considers rate increases, they should be held to the highest standard to ensure the public is aware of the proposed changes and why they are necessary, and an appropriate window should be afforded for families to prepare for the increase. The current PSC has not adhered to adequate transparency in the Kemper rate hike process, and Mississippi families have no reason to believe things will be any different if we elect more of the same.

The business of the Public Service Commission should be just that--public.

Cecil is ready to go to work for you to guarantee that the utilities you depend on are brought to you at fair and affordable rates.

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