Cecil's Plans for the PSC

Focus on a Bright Future

As your next Public Service Commissioner, Cecil has his eye on a brighter future for Mississippi. Throughout his career, he has worked hard to develop plans and strategies that will move Mississippi boldly forward, and he will continue that tradition of hard work on the PSC.

Cecil understands that diversified energy options are the future for Mississippi, and he plans to fully support efforts to increase solar energy production within Mississippi and create reasonable, safe parameters on the way solar panels will be installed and maintained.

In order to compete nationally, Mississippi must establish standards for net metering, so that companies and families who choose to install solar panels can return unused power to the utility companies in a safe and reliable manner.

It will be up to the leadership on the Public Service Commission to oversee these upgrades and guarantee that these companies are acting on the best interests of the people of Mississippi.

Mississippi families need a voice, and Cecil is ready to be that voice.

He understands that an eye on the future is critical to the growth of Mississippi, and that our future must include increased access to broadband Internet.

When companies look to locate or expand in Mississippi, access to up-to-date Internet technology is a factor in making that decision. When we work to make our schools technologically-driven for the future, we must have the infrastructure to support it. When our hospitals develop telemedicine programs, they will need top-of-the-line Internet to do so.

If we expect to move Mississippi forward into the 21st century, we absolutely must focus on developing and spreading the technology to do so.

Cecil Brown is ready to take on these challenges and move Mississippi boldly forward with your support on November 3.

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