Meet Cecil

Who Is Cecil?

Cecil Brown has more than 40 years of experience in private business as an investment advisor and CPA specializing in accounting, auditing, tax consulting and financial management. Prior to his election to the Mississippi House of Representatives in 1999, he served as State Fiscal Officer and Executive Director of the state Department of Finance and Administration.

Brown Furniture

"The Working Man's Friend"

Growing up in Meridian, Cecil worked after school and during the summers at his father's furniture store, assembling furniture for families who had little else for their children. His father's store was known in the community as a place where everyone could come and get great service, regardless of their background. In fact, there was a sign over the door at the store that read, "The Working Man's Friend."

In his years working at the furniture store, Cecil's father taught him the most important value that he would carry with him into adulthood: regardless of where someone comes from, they deserve respect and quality for their hard-earned money.

An Advocate for Mississippi

Cecil went on to earn scholarships to the University of Mississippi to study English and Mathematics, and the University of Texas, where he received his Master's Degree in accounting and received the highest CPA exam score in the state. As he continued into the business world, he never lost his Meridian values.

When he joined the governor's staff 24 years ago, Cecil quickly gained a reputation as someone who would give sound, honest advice. His knowledge of accounting allowed him to evaluate intricate budgets and offer insight into best route to take through the process.

Because of his depth of knowledge and passion for Mississippi, Cecil has served seven years as Chairman of the Education Committee and eight years as a member of the Joint Legislative Budget Committee during his 15 years as a State Representative. He has championed accountability measures and tougher standards for Mississippi schools and worked to do what is best for the people of Mississippi.

He is so committed to quality education that he has donated his legislative salary each year to fund a scholarship at Ole Miss for a teacher committed to working in one of Mississippi's struggling schools.

Cecil’s wife Nancy is a public school teacher, and together they have four children and seven grandchildren.